Mission Trips

Every year North Broad Baptist Church participates in a mission trip.  We have a 3 year rotation that helps determine where our trip will be.

Year 1:  Local Mission Trip
Year 2:  National Mission Trip
Year 3:  International Mission Trip

Past Trips


                                                                Dade County, FL  1995

                                                                Hobart, Oklahoma 1998

                                                                Romania 2000

                                                                Blanding, Utah 2001

                                                                Poland 2003

                                                                Washington State 2004

                                                                Pearlington, MS  Hurricane Relief 2006

                                                                Argentina 2007

                                                                Return to Perlington, MS Hurricane Relief 2009

                                                                Chile 2010

                                                                Peru 2013 (click on link for video)

                                                                Marion, Alabama 2015

                                                                Slovakia, June 2016

                                                                Spain Missionary Kids Camp, November 2016

                                                                 Jacksonville, FL, February 2018 (Hurricane Relief)

                                                                Germany Missionary Kids Camp, August 2018

                                                                Marianna, Florida Hurricane Relief, April 2019